Friday, May 20, 2011

Bag & Sandals

Got this nice big bag at a re-sale shop today in East Village, Nyc. The brand is kind of random, Sisal. But the leather is great and love that it has a long strap as well as short ones, but not too short so you can wear over a jacket or layers without it slipping off. The straps are actually more hefty than they appear in photo. It was also insanely cheap ($38) and in perf condition! The sandals are random too (Rossano Biseonti) but were brand new, with leather soles and very comfy. Although I wasn't looking for anything dark brown I thought they were interesting & also cheap! The thrills of re-sale shopping in NY are pretty awesome!


  1. i def like the bag, very wangish...but also not, u know, something everyone has. that can get annoying. i need to look for that brand too! weird how random it is lol. like i said...i've been wanting brown sandals. its funny bc i want some every year n then i always hate brown n sell them lol. maybe i will be smart this year n if i find a pair not sell them...hmm. can't wait to shop in NYC bb :) ur gonna have to take me to some thrifts!

  2. yea bb def! but still i LOVE wang bags no matter how often i see them! I CANNOT wait to take u shopping omg it wil =l be epic! miss u like cray cray xo