Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sweater H&M, Pants Alexander Wang, Shoes Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace Vintage

I guess H&M had the forthright to re-make the oil slick like sweater from last year. I'm ok with it! This time around its crop-ish and fitted with no slits on the sides. Last year I got 2 in different sizes and both were still too over-sized for how I was feeling. So they did a new one this year and it was only $34!
I got the pants a bit ago and have NOT worn them yet! To be honest they are just too long, as in, you need a super high heel for them not to drag. But I love that micro flare the crotch zipper. I'm sort of what you call lazy. But I've been realizing that I have plenty of comfy enough stacked heels to wear the wang flares! These Jeffrey Campbell Ann D knockoffs are actually not a bad choice!

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  1. "I'm sort of what you call lazy'" I love that sentence for so many reasons.