Friday, December 25, 2009

Half-Sisters Lou Doillon & Charlotte Gainsbourg. Daughters of legendary actress Jane Birkin.


^^Leaving the Givenchy show in Paris, that Jacket... drool.
^^A Hipster in Paris.
^^My search is still on for the PERFECT vintage leopard print coat. May the day come soon. I found the ONE last year, but I decided my best friend Alyssa should have it, or rather i said
"here try it", damn I regret that decision. Its pretty amazing on her, and I honestly don't think I would have loved it then like I would now.

^^That granny dress hangs on her as if from a hanger, FIERCE.

Lou's father is the french film director Jacques Doillon. At 27 she's the youngest of the 2 and I think her style definitely reflects that. It seems like she dresses to fit her moods, and there are many of them! I love the top hats, the constant cig in her hand and healthy dosage of leather of course.

^^Never one without a menswear piece thrown in, her signature, definitely.

^^In her beloved Balenciaga biker jacket.
^^Soft leather Trench, Tres chic!

^^In the beggining. Stylish even as a wee one.

Charlotte's dad is the celebrated French singer-songwriter, director and musician Serge Gainsbourg.
Being older, Charlotte's style tends to be more subdued even classic at times. Seems like she has a few old standbys that she rotates regularly. She's probably more interested in her craft as an actress than in fashion, but being french, I bet looking chic comes naturally. She also probably got it from her mama.
So thin, so awesome, the fucking shit.


  1. Their both so amazing!

    My mum looks a bit like Charlotte ^^
    /Eli (