Monday, April 18, 2011

Coachella 2011

This is def a blogger doing a lameass outfit at Coachella. (fashiontoast), it's ok though we all have our days!
But I did see her at a party once n she still looked like a hippie dipshit in an Urban peacock feather headband (recent) and a maxi dress! She was with Bryan Boy and they both looked pretty un-original. Just saying! BELOW evidence UGH

Festival Style Rocks
Kate & Alexa

Easy, original & most important, effortless.

Festival Style Fail
Venessa & Adriana
Sorry BBs

Nothing says Highschool Woodstock themed party like a costume straight out of Ragstock, didn't your mom teach you anything? No matchy matchy. I get what Venessa was going for, so she should have left the Jlo hat and fringe bag at home. Adriana, cute hippie mom? then no cowbow boots, I cant stress COSTUME enough. Styles must differ.

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