Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The day I met Mr. Wang

I love love love Alexander Wang's aesthetic, I mean he re-invents 80's/90's like no other, upgrading, and making it modern. My favorite thing about his collections is the focus on every-day wear, street clothes. I could say a million things but we all know that his clothes are undoubtedly cool.

Some friends and I got pretty exited when we heard he was coming to our local Barney's for a meet and greet and preview of his Spring collection. Besides him walking past me during Fashion Week in NYC, this would be my first "real" Wang encounter and I must say I was sort of nervous! He turned out just how you'd expect him to be...very sweet, down to earth and casual. The turnout was pathetic and I couldn't believe there wasn't a stampede. I just wish I was able to mutter more than "hi" to him. Next time!

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  1. he's amazing and an inspiration!