Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kate the Great

I'm not usually impressed with red carpet looks, anyone can put on a gown and look glamorous. The way someone puts together their day to day outfits is what I find most intriguing. Kate's obviously a pro at this. As you can probably tell I'm especially in love with all the hot shorts she seems to favor as well as her music fest ensembles and fave grey skinnies. They are usually Siwy (I scored myself an exact pair recently at a re-sale shop seriously under-priced at $14) Mhmm they are perfectly cropped.

I'm glad she seems to still get exited about fashion, and keeps looking fierce.


  1. LOVES!!! my favorite post so far <3 she's always so current...and skinny...ugh

  2. love the off-white oversized knit!!!