Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some of my favorites of MK, Past & Present.

^^From a Nylon shoot a while back.
^^Completely Cash in Montreal. I have a special friend who lives in the beautiful city of Montreal, whom I hope to visit one day soon. Maybe I can learn some French.


^^Channeling Ozzy?

^^Love those glasses.

^^This image inspired a whole personal collection of plaid shirts last year.

^^Topshop dress/Prada heels.
Align Center^^Topshop Sweater/Elizabeth & James Sandals.

^^Wang Bag.

^^In her "all black" phase. Ferosh.

^^I remember loving this fit.

^^The Givenchy jacket is bananas! She looks like a fierce robot.
^^ Jewelry Close-up.
^^Ksubi jeans/Balenci heels.

^^Peekaboo bra, matching nails...genius.

^^At a party for Burberry.

^^Out in NYC.

^^Lunching with Nate in NYC.
Sorry for the delay of new posts recently, the holidays were a bit boozy, busy and crazy. But
as of today I promise you new stuff on a daily basis. Thanks!
:some images courtesy of Olsens Anonymous:

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  1. Sooo...I just realized I can comment. I am one dumb tranny. I remember that plaid/ripped jeans combo inspired my life last year, lol. This bitch is so fierce. Do one of Ash soon please? :D